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"Use the same channel as" for paralleled props, Sequencer / Super Star issue


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Howdy folks!

Trying to build out a preview for our large garden show. I have a couple sets of lights that are plugged in together so they turn on and off at the same time. However, when making the preview, I have to create them as separate props so they look like what we are building. For this example, imagine two Zig-Zig sections of Red Traditional Lights, a few feet away from each other (built as Line-connected with multiple sections to make it shaped right). I make one, copy it, move it to where I want it for the preview, set up the Channel info so they are the same ID and Start Circuit, and set the second prop as "Use the same channel as" the first prop.

If I use Super Star to sequence, it will only animate the Prop I have selected, not showing the other animated in Playback.

If I make the two items a Group, it animates them as if they are different channels rather than flashing together, which is not the reality of how they are connected. I have to set an Arrangement when making the Group so it can be Super Starred, and it follows that Arrangement.

I have a BUNCH of lights like this in my show, so hoping there is a way to tie the animations together so it shows correctly in my Playback. Would rather not have to Copy-Paste animation sequences to all the channels afterwards, as I would need to do that every time I try a new animation sequence. 

Thanks for any tips!

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since the other Props are using the same channels as - then they will react the same as the one sequenced in SuperStar, when played (but not when played in SS as you are only sequencing the single Master Prop.....

You will also notice that the Sequencer Grid only shows you the option to sequence the Master Prop... But during the Preview/Show Playback - all the other shared channel props should also display..

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Good lord it works.

I swear I did that, and it didn't go for me. And then I rebuilt a third time and it's working. 
Thanks! And oops, user error apparently!

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