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Disney Sequences for Christmas Miracle Help Please


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Good morning everyone and I hope all are having a wonderful Holiday.I have 1 16 ch controller still getting into every everything and was wondering does anyone have the Disney Wishes Sequence song to share it's about 4min 52 sec  or any Disney songs as well? If not is there any way you could program and share you can reach me via PM /email...Even if you cant do entire song could you maybe do half of....I am DESPERATE for a Christmas  Miracle at this moment....My wife has been suffering serious anziety and depression and anything Disney has been a way out for her and helps her cope with. I have been doing so much for everyone else, and helping my family as well in tough times during this Holiday Season I have not had the time to custom program so I bought  addit sequences  directly due to time constraints but cant find this one any where, but seen some post on here from years ago some had..... It can be very basic nothing extravagant due to time constraints  I understand for my family as a Christmas Gift perosnal viewing only.... If could get by Friday Dec 23rd  so I have time to load and surprise my Wife so this would be a true Christmas Gift for us ......

If it makes it easier for you here is my set up listed out and pic attached ...Anything I can do to make it easier please just let me know for sure....

Email is Hockeyhoward15@comcast.net 

Outline of house 

4 windows

Door frame

2 Garage Doors but on continuous strand not seperate.

1 bush on left 1 bush on right side of house looking from street at house

6 led  wreaths[ 1 very large],[1 med ]and [4 small  in each window]

20 ft mega tree

14 ft mega tree

20 ft stand alone tree

8 ft nativity scene set

2 7 ft led tree

Yard perimeter entire  front of home 

9 reindeer cut outs with sleigh behind pulling 20 ft total 

Please let me know if you can and again can't thank you enough

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!!

Screenshot_20221116-052218_Video Editor.jpg

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Disney Wishes (the Disney show music) is almost 16min I believe. Is there something else you were referencing that was the 4min 52sec? Do you have the mp3 file? Also, if you are looking for just Disney, "Let it Go" is in the sequence store and you would be able to run that on your one controller. Also, with the mega treee and other trees you list, are they all on one channel? Usually a mega tree has its own controller. Just trying to understand your setup better.

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Hi thank you for your reply I have the clipped audio file and my tree is just a normal lit tree sorry I call it mega tree just strands of lights all on same channel.

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OK, just sent you what I could do in just a few hours. I was limited but hope it works for you. If it helps your wife, it was my pleasure to do so for Christmas. Hope to see a video soon. I programmed it using the LOR standard setup.

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You can add the video here since your email won't do it. That way others can see as well. Just make sure it is less than 345kb for here or upload to YouTube or Venmo and post the link.

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