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How do I merge two Superstar sequences together everytime I go to add to existing sequence I get an out of memory error

Greenlee Brittenum

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A lot more detail.  What exactly are you doing?  Is this two pixel tree sequences, or other parts of the yard?

Confirm that you are using version 4.4.16 as your profile shows.

Assuming you are in S4, are you using a Visualizer file to set the SuperStar configuration?

This may be something where a remote session may be far easier.  Supposed to be raining here most of the day, so I have not much planned for today.  Do you have TeamViewer installed, or can you install it on your computer?


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On 12/11/2022 at 12:53 PM, Greenlee Brittenum said:

I am watching performance monitor and the memory is there. 

I do not have SuperStar, but I have encountered this same error message from time to time.  Usually after I have been updating and changing sequences.  The only way I have found around this is to shut down my computer, wait about 2 minutes, turn on and boot back up, then load the SE WITHOUT loading the CP or anything else associated with the SE.  When I do it without the CP running, I rarely get the out of memory error pop-up, but if the CP is running, I get it more often when working on a lot of updating sequences, especially larger complex sequences tend to cause this error when I had the CP running, without the CP, I may get it, but it is usually after I have created a new sequence after working with at least 15-20 previous ones I was updating with a new imported configuration file and complex RGB sequences.

And I am still using 4.4.16 PRO, as your profile shows you are using{if that is correct in your profile}.  This has been a recent experience, though, and only as my sequences have gotten larger and more sophisticated.  Again, I'm not using SS, but I'm guessing that SS with its effects and enhancements could help to have the "Out of Memory" error occur.   And I always have more than enough memory when I view the resources, I shouldn't even be getting this error, but I do.  Again, mainly when the CP is running, I unload it, do the above, and I can go quite a bit longer before it may crop up again.  But it does eventually pop-up, and the resources show I have more than enough memory that it shouldn't happen, but does.

I just work around it with the above and continue on.  Is it annoying, yes, especially when it pops up and won't allow you to save the changes just made to the sequence.  I make sure I save my sequences as I make a change, save it, make another change elsewhere and save again, this way I don't lose all my changes by doing them all, then saving the file.  Had that happen once too many, so now this is how I handle it since that error started showing up.

No idea what is causing it to generate this error either, as it just states "Out of Memory", but nothing as to why, or a code generated to send in for anyone at LOR to investigate why it happens. 

But since this version is no longer supported, it won't be corrected, just like the Hub in this version, 4.4.16 can't differentiate the difference between 12AM{Midnight} and 12PM{Noon}, it always defaults from 12:00AM-12:59AM to 12:00PM-12:59PM .  I sent it in long before this version was abandoned, but it was never corrected and told since 5.x.x, now 6.x.x is out, it won't ever be fixed, so I always use the HU to write my shows since I use an N4-G4 Director to run my shows, and sometimes I need a show to end at Midnight or 12:30AM on certain days.  I didn't realize the Hub was doing this until I found my lights on during lunchtime one day and tracked it down to this error in the Hub in 4.4.16.   I still think it should be corrected, as it makes the Hub useless for my purposes, so I can't edit my SD Card Show{s} directly because of this flaw.  If I could fix it myself, I would.

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