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Weird failure tonight


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We have a light rain going on which somehow caused the GFCI breaker to pop on the circuit where one of my AC controllers resides.  Unfortunately, this isn't totally unusual for the first rain; I might have misplaced a plug so it could get wet; possibly there is a nick in one of the electrical cords, etc.  If it occurs, I usually isolate the questionable item, and try to investigate when it's less dark and/or less wet (have always found the problem in the past, no reason I won't this time)

However, that isn't the "weird" failure.  When that circuit popped, it somehow caused the sequence that was playing to generate an error and terminate, and then go into a failure loop where none of the sequences in the show would play, and the player log is spitting out repeated lines in the log that are one of:
    ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Media playback error: 0xC00D11BA)
    ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Media playback error: 0xC00D11E5)

When I've had this kind of fault in the past, the channels on the disconnected controller(s) wouldn't run, but everything else continued as normal.  On difference this time, though, is that besides the AC controller, the circuit also included the PixieLink that runs the AC controller and several pixel controllers.


So, will a failed PixleLink (or some other e1.31 device) cause problems with the player continuing to play and/or start a sequence?


When I removed the faulting AC controller and got the PixieLink back online, the show did properly restart (albeit the missing channels connected to the faulted AC controller).

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The media playback errors would be a separate issue from the controllers. The media issue is more likely caused by something changing on your show computer that can range from driver or window updates that need a reboot, sometimes power management and/or audio/speaker issue, or installation of other software that include media codecs.

Google search the error codes that were given to get a better sense of what happened for your case.

I believe the most recent version had notes related to media failures and the software will try to auto-resolve if it can. 

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I'm with Jeremiah on this one.  The GFCI trip and the media file issue are totally unrelated.  The Show Player is just pouring data out the one or more data circuits.  It does not even know or care if the data is being receive by anything.

When I was running early releases of S6, I also ran into the Media File problem from time to time.  I also recall some release notes about addressing that problem.  I don't remember details however.


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Thanks!  I didn't consider the possibility that it was a Windows error, but it is still odd, as the online error codes suggest a loss of audio device, but that is on the same circuit as the show computer, and was running for a few seconds after the GFCI fault, and happily returned to normal once the GFCI was reset (without any restart on the show computer).  While I cannot currently envision a relation, there appears to be one, and gives me some ideas as to further experiments.

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