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Show on demand does not start show


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I was able to get my show scheduled and it says Ready to Play in the scheduler. Create shows tab. I then went to Play shows tab and clicked on the button to play on demand but nothing starts. Can anyone see from the 2 images I attached if there is something I am missing that the show does not start?



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First, please update your profile to show your current software level as you are showing 3.9.0 this moment. I'm not sure that a show builder is a proper show file unless you named it that way on purpose. Did you select the individual sequences to place into the show file, first? Did you tell them to start on a trigger, which might not apply?

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The file is .lss so the name shouldnt matter, but that is the default name. The show did start on time but the on demand does not work. At this point I dont want to mess anything up and lose the show so am not going to mess with it to much until after Christmas. I dont use triggers so that shouldnt have caused the on demand to not work. Hopefully I can figure out why on demand doesnt work so I can improve the show for next year easier

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