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Tonight was my first show!


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Hi Everyone,

Tonight was the first time I ran my show. OH MY GOD!!!:shock: Words can not express the feeling I had when the lights and music started!! I have been watching it for 2 hours now in 30 degree weather LOL. I started it at 7pm and will end at 10pm. It's on the last hour now. I have 20 songs in the show. I still have an adrenelin rush!;)

I just want to thank all the fine folks here on LOR who helped me with all my questions and for all the ideas from mini trees to sequenceing since I downloaded the Demo software in Jan. You guys Rock!:cool: I hope to put some vids on Youtube soon. Thanks again. Sorry for cutting it short, but I want to go back out in the yard and watch the last show lol:D.

Scrubs63 aka Wes

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