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adding a flex pixel controller to S5 Pro


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Everything I have read before purchase and after has said this is possible, but nothing says how to do this. The mapping of the network lay out shows all of my current LOR equipment is hooked up the same thru my RS485B switch and my new controller plugs into my home network. I can access new controller thru IP address on my network, I can test all lights on controllers successfully, but it does not communicate with LOR system or S5 pro software. I have done NOTHING to connect the 2 systems together yet because I am unsure what steps need to be followed to let the software know there is another controller. Can someone steer me in the correct direction? I have watched videos on adding a Pixe 4/8/16 to system. This looks like the correct direction, but my new controller has multiple boards on it.

Here is what I have and works:

(3) CTB16PC controller's A/C

using a USB485B that has 2 RJ45 jacks

LOR S5 Pro v5.6.10


Wanted to upgrade to RGB this year and started with a house outline project. went with holidaycoro controllers but want to stick with S5 software so need to add new hardware to current system

New equipment


     (2) 16 output boards

     (1) long-range board with 4 ports

     Hinks pix pro CPU

(2) long rang receivers with 4 ports each (these plug into the long range board on controller and seem to be similar to 2 output pixe controller) 

using all 8 outputs on longrange receivers and 15 outputs on the (2) boards for a total of 23 outputs for house outline


I can test and run each system separately but can only play a sequence on original system. I am exhausted after reading forums to no end and truthfully a little more confused at this point.


ANY help is appreciated or even paid help or TeamViewer help would be welcome. 


IF your in San Diego...my company does window tint on cars, homes and commercial building....... happy to trade those services also :) 


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