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I've been using LOR since 2012, so I'm not new. Today, I discovered something strange. Actually two things but the first one is that while playing a musical sequence, using the preview display and control lights unchecked, two of my four incan arches, would not show up/play on the preview screen. The two are via an enhanced path whereas the other two that did work are a regular network path. I opened another sequence that uses the arches and even though they are configured the same, that sequence worked just fine to the preview. Examining everything, the problem sequence is configured the same as the working one for these two arches. One set of two works and the other set of two does not. Now I don't know if they are playing outside or not with the show player.

The second weird item regards these same arches. Somehow and some point, I created a "Member Group" of the channels within each arch. Per the help file, I should be able to remove the membership but the capability to do so, doesn't appear to be there. Any idea how to remove this membership which creates a duplication?

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I've also found a few other items missing from "some" sequences but not all. Same preview for all of them yet not every sequence contains all of the available props, yes, under the show entire list.

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