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Projector with LOR1602g3-MP3


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I have a lor1602g3-MP3, is it possible to connect and project a video with a projector? and how can I configure this  in the software?

If yes, can you refer me to the  how to setup and cofigure?



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The Directors can not do video.

You *could* hook it up the one of the outlets on the 1602, but that's all it's going to do .. power up. (And if you dim that channel you'll probably ruin the director, so DON'T DO IT.)

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I don't know anything about the lor1602g3-MP3 device but with the basic CTB16PC residential controllers, I know you can run videos because I am doing it.  In my case, I simply use an mp4 video file for sequencing.    Then the output for the video is an HDMI cable from my PC to the projector.  Of course, the black USB adapter is the output to multiple CTB16PC controllers.  I also have a red high speed adapter to several Pixie controllers.


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8 hours ago, Donl1150 said:

I don't know anything about the lor1602g3-MP3 device but with the basic CTB16PC residential controllers, I know you can run videos because I am doing it. 


But you aren't trying to run the show directly from the CTB16PC. You are running it from a computer. 
Two very different things.


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  • Thanks Don.  Yes I figured they were totally different and most likely had differing capabilities.  I simply wanted to make others aware that it IS possible with LOR equipment to incorporate videos (such as projection mapping) into their shows.  It definitely adds another layer of complexity but the ability is there.
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I understand how LOR works with a projector but what I am confused on is what type of projector to use and how does one set up the projector to project onto a house. I have a red brick house but I have 4 big windows that I would really like to project on to. Is it simple like placing the projector outside and zooming in until it hits all the windows just right or is there certain software that has to be used. Just looking for a bit more info before I dive in and buy a projector. Also I would like a good quality projector so if anyone has a link, please share.

Thanks, Eric

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Hi Eric.  It is definitely not as simple as that.  It is really not a 'plug & play' hobby.  But don't let that stop you.  There are a lot of good resources out there to help you get started.  But be forewarned....it can eat up a lot of time and money.  BUT....it can be fun!

I just got started into projection this year as an add on to my AC & pixel controllers via LOR.  The link below is where I learned the very basics.  I took the course he offers and I can say it is very thorough and well done.  I used the free software he talks about but there are paid types available as well.

As for projectors, I chose an Optoma GT1080 that I got on Amazon.  It is very sufficient for my needs but I wish I would have spent a bit more and gotten the 1090 laser version.  The 1080 uses a bulb and here in south FL, inside my enclosure the temps get close to the 110F territory on a warm evening.  Nearing the top end of the design specs.

Your red brick house could be a challenge so you most likely will need a projector with quite high lumen range.  Again, watch videos to learn as much as you can before you buy.  The link below will help you with projector selection.

Good luck and welcome to this madness!



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Using a projector is something I'm doing right now. First off, my house is a red brick home too but instead of projecting onto the house such as in projection mapping, I'm projecting to the motorized screen. I suggest a very bright "Short Throw" projector and yes, one of the new laser projectors would be better. I'm using an Optoma EH460ST which runs at 4100 ANSI Lumens. Be very careful with the terminology. ANSI Lumens is not the same as Lumens. Pay attention only to the ANSI Lumen number. The higher the better. The Short throw type allows a closer placement if to a screen and closer placement for a whole house video projection mapping. They need to be in an enclosure if any rain is possible and for the those who wish to steal it. The enclosure needs to have fans, suggesting some inlet fans and at least one outlet.

Use the video file as your "Media" file in the sequencer. Now you need to get the video to a display and full screen. I suggest having a second monitor. Move the display to that monitor and tell the CP that's where it is under settings/Video.

Now you need to get the signal to the projector. There's two ways that I'm aware of: 1) run an HDMI cable from your monitor to the projector. Yes, you'll have to split it off. 2) use a HDMI to TCPIP interface, transmitter and Receiver pair, running a Cat6/7 outside, Transmitter to the Receiver, and HDMI from the Receiver to the projector.

Lastly, you need to be able to control the projector. If its got an internal webpage, then try that. Ideally you need to be able to schedule it. So far (still working it), I can easily turn on my projector but turning it off remotely, I'm still having issues.

Edit: There's more to this such as screen control and more.

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