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Well, lots of troubleshooting and many rain delays (including a hurricane after putting up the spiral tree) but it is finally up and running this year. First year for the spiral tree, only 2 colors because well, it takes a lot to create spiral trees around a real tree. I recorded 3 seq quickly last night before the rain hit so please excuse the video quality. If I get more time I will probably redo the video another night. Hope everyone enjoys!



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Thought the video quality was pretty good,the spiral tree came together really well. The display is very well done.

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My sister and her husband just went to the TSO concert and requested I film more so here are 3 more. Damn cars, trains and planes, good thing I shot 3 different angles and placed in the real audio. This one would have been a mess LOL. I had a guy drive up in front of the camera and asked "you're filming, right?" Then a 747 flew over, Amazon did a delivery and Amtrak ran by blowing its horn. Just made me laugh.  Everyone enjoy!


Christmas Canon - TSO:  https://youtu.be/d_br0o30CYM
Christmas Sarajevo - TSO:    https://youtu.be/u5yY5XEWGmA
Nutrocker - TSO:  https://youtu.be/kRtNGW5PLwE
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I was at the TSO concert in Ontario, California yesterday and let's just say they have a lot bigger lighting budget than I do...

As for filming without interruption, one thing I have done is shoot at around 5:00 AM...


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