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Would anyone be willing to donate to the cause and offer up a few free sequences for me to open up and see how they are done and practice with?
I've seen some previous posts about sharing songs, and people doing requests for them, but those posts are either locked or extremely old.  So I cant follow up on those.

I have two light bulb singing faces i've purchased, and 2 x 16 channel controllers.   I'm not sure exactly where to even start on programming though. 
Any assistance in getting started would be appreciated!  


Thanks in advance.

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The best place is to take a look at the tutorials https://store.lightorama.com/pages/video-tutorials.

Many sequence sharing groups. https://forums.lightorama.com/forum/19-sequence-sharing/, under the file section here https://forums.lightorama.com/forum/19-sequence-sharing/, or try this one https://www.facebook.com/groups/1901299436791951.

Hope that helps.

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Most of us started with just a couple of controllers too. As you've discovered, there's a learning curve. First thing I will suggest, print out a picture of your house. Then draw strings of lights on it and decide how you wish them to appear. This will dictate your hardware requirements. Given you've got a pair of AC controllers, get your strings, LEDs preferably. I suggest getting better quality "sealed" LED strings and make sure they are dimmable.  This will save you a lot of headache later on.

Make your preview first. This is where you can use that same picture to draw your strings of lights onto it, once you load it into the background of the preview. Each string or group, you assign the controller ID (Hex) and channel number. Most likely you'll be using the "Regular" LOR Network. Did you purchase a LOR USB/RS485 adapter? If not, you need one.

Once you have your first version of your preview (LOL, there will be many updates), you can move onto the sequencer. If you are doing a musical sequence or lights to music, you'll have to load in your audio/media file. Now its the fun part, start sequencing each string as you desire.

As already stated, the video tutorials will assist you better than I can step you through things. Its very, very late in the year to start this process. You should be finishing your show by this time.

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