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How do I setup a Falcon 16v4 in S6?

Greenlee Brittenum

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As far as LOR is concerned, it's just another E1.31 controller.  In Preview Editor, set the prop or props to DMX and assign the desired universes.  In Network Preferences, set the IP of the Falcon for the universes that will be used on that Falcon.  



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Zero difference at all.  The Smart Differential Receiver still just appear as a DMX universe (or multiple, or partial universe) on the same IP address as the F16v4.  LOR has absolutely no awareness of what the hardware is for any E1.31 controller.  LOR simply spits E1.31 data out to a designated IP address.  What device processes that E1.31 data is totally irrelevant to the LOR Show Player or Sequencer.

Of course you DO need to configure the F16v4 to make use of the Smart Differential Receiver via the F16v4 web page.


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