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Control Panel - Log File size

Jeremiah Ackermann

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If you leave Control Panel running for several days with a show still enabled and scheduled but display was powered down leading to network failures, you may want to check the size of Control Panel's log file. In my case, I powered my display down after Halloween even though I had the show scheduled for a few more days. Without power, the router I connect too is also offline, causing my single E1.31 network to no longer be available. This caused the log file to continually increase until my hard drive space was exhausted (Went to 80GB twice for me, second time confirming it was due to network not being available). The log file in question will be within the Light-O-Rama folder under Logs\LORTray-trace.txt.

If it is a large file, the Control Panel may not immediately shut down, which can prevent restarting right after shutting it down. You might need to force kill the app within task manager to get it to shut down. Control Panel will reset the log file on its next startup, but you can delete it manually as well.

I made this aware to the LOR team and a fix has been put in place that will roll out with the next release after 6.1.4.


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