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Hi to any and all help. 

So last year I had bought what I thought was a complete setup or (a complete kit) everything I would need to plug and play my $350 dollar light show investment. To my surprise I had only bought a 16 channel show control box here's what I have bought that I thought i needed.

1. LOR 16channel show time control box

1. USB cord ,

1- cat-5 cable,

1- rj45 adapter (not a LOR one)will that make a difference?

1. Laptop PC 

I had downloaded the demo pack only after spending an additional $-3-4 hundred more on lights & audio to only find out I'm still not done I also down a sequence builder demo and a free one I found I think vixen after a few unsuccessful attempts I purchased a few sequences from ebay $ another $65 that was emailed to me. I then found a forum and read I needed to buy a license and software then asked me what kinda lights I had bought traditional or LED, I bought traditional, and some Smart RGBs then they were saying I need a showtime director to run my show and a cpc package or something? CPC packs start at $400 up to $1,200+  wTF and a RGB  signing tree $350 for 1 wTF ? Said I needed to have special extension cords not home Depot ones?


Should I buy a USB rs485 hs adapter from LOR? 

Is the show time sequence suit all the software I need to make my own sequence and what ever license I would need to run any music I want? Or do I need something More?

Is buying the director g4 mp3 all I would need in  to run my show instead of laptop:& PC software?


Audio part is ran from my PC correct?

1. Wireless audio transmitter

1. Set of wireless speakers w/ amp 

1.a lot of Electric cords, breaker boxes, lights etc..

 Maybe if someone could give me like a check off list in what's all involved in getting my own LOR show up and going from start to finish everything that's included or we're I can get that info from a trusted no surprises place would be greatly appreciated I sure would like to have a outstanding display for the grandkids this year after the disappointment of just a tradition one last year.IMG_20131212_191350.thumb.jpg.f1c9389ac5dfadc4aad9e8617a2bc10d.jpg 


This is my traditional setup I am pretty excited to be able to add my LOR light show with what I got will be amazing to my Grandkids. we love our Christmas so any help to get me set up with my LOR show will be much appreciated. Thank you for your input.











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First, welcome to the madness. Next, you should be using a formal LOR USB to RS485 adapter. I don't know that whatever you bought will work or not. Its way late in the year already to start this hobby. Its NOT plug and play. This is a professional level system(s) that all you to do whatever you wish but it comes with a steep learning curve. LED's....there's standard strings you buy at Walmart and etc. but if you are doing this long term, you might wish to invest in the sealed ones. There are dumb strings/strips which use a specific DC controller. Then there are intelligent LEDs that require a special controller.

I seriously suggest that you stop and start watching the LOR Video Tutorials so you get a basic understanding of how this all works. Next, a simple warning...RS485 on LOR use Cat5 cables. Here's the issue, if you elect to use any TCPIP controllers or E1.31 types, those use TCPIP communications and use the same Cat5 cables. The two are NOT compatible and you will fry something if you connect to the wrong ports. Some cards such as LOR's Pixcon16 which is designed for intelligent strips only, have both RS485 and TCPIP. You really do not want to plug the wrong Cat5 into the wrong port otherwise either that card will fry or your computer. I'm only mentioning it because you mentioned intelligent strips.

First year, most of us suggest that a person starts with 1 or 2 AC controllers only and move on from there. The software requires a license to actually send commands to the controllers. If you are going to get serious, start out with a PRO license but if you aren't sure, just start with the Basic but that also depends on what kind of controllers you have.

May I respectfully suggest that you post your actual city location so that if there's someone nearby who can assist you, could possibly do so. Lastly, the sequencer will tie it all together and its where you tell it how you wish to see things run.

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