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Pixie Works Attached to PC but not Attached to MiniDirector


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Hello- I am having an issue where the new Pixie controller that I bought this year is not working as expected when I am trying to run it from the MiniDirector, but works when run from a PC.

Until this year, I had a very basic setup- one 16 channel AC Controller and some sequences bought from the LOR store.

This year I am trying to add a Pixie to the mix.  I bought a Pixie 4 controller with the intention to use it as Controller ID 7 so it would work with my existing sequences.

I had it working inside when hooked up to the PC. I used the hardware utility to set the ID on the Pixie to 7 and checked the box for cmb24d dumb rgb emulation. That had the intended effect and everything works as I expected it to.

Then I moved it all outside and tried to use the MiniDirector in place of the PC to run the show and the Pixie does not seem to do anything.

Connecting to the PC again makes everything work as expected again.

Is there a way to make the Pixie work with the MiniDirector as I want it to?

Residential Series 16 Channel Starter Package purchased in 2019 (16 channel AC controller)
ShowTime Central Addon Package (MiniDirector + FM Transmitter)
10 Sequences bought from the LOR store

New Pixie 4 purchased this year from LOR
4 strands of 12v RGB Bullets bought from LOR

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OK I figured it out.  D'oh.  When I put the sequences on the SD card in 2019 I used a preview that only had the 16 channels I was using.  I re-converted the sequences using the default LOR Preview and now they work.

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Sometimes it's the simplest thing that gets missed and drives you crazy trying to figure out what went wrong! 🤪😀

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