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Mark J. M.

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I am trying to test my lights using my G4-mp3 player and have run into a problem. Prior to S6 there was a button to start show when card is inserted and I can not find that option in S6. However, I just set the start time to 1 am end time 10 pm everyday of the week. The problem is when I insert the card into the G4 MP3, it indicates wait as the start time hasn't occurred but it is well past that time. Am I doing something wrong or will the player not start until 1 am occurs? I can adjust the time to test my lights but there are times when I am running a show that stops for some reason and I need to restart it and if the mp3 player must wait for the start time that would be a big problem. I do not run my show using a computer I have a Pro license with 24 SS and running S6.1.2 Pro.

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