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Order of channels in sequencer


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This is driving me absolutely crazy.  I am 99% sure it is probably my fault but the RGB Sequences I purchased do not match the prop I import with regards to the order of the channels.  See attached photos.  It just adds more time to every sequence I am modifying.  Unless I am doing something completely wrong.  I open the purchased sequence and copy/paste the appropriate channels to my existing sequence.


Top photo is what my sequencer looks like in my songs after importing the Spinner Prop.  Bottom is from the purchased RGB sequence.



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Those are not channels, they are motion effect rows. You can change the number and ordering of those rows by right-clicking and selecting "Manage Motion Effect Rows". You can also right-click and select "Remove Motion Effect Rows". If there are no effects in that row, it will remove it without warning. If there are effects, it will warn you first.

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