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Feature request - add "Groups" to "Test Preview"


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As I've moved to S6, I do like the ability to "test" from the control panel, but would like to request that as part of the "Test Preview" to also add "Groups" to the list (possibly as a different tab as there are potentially several ways to test a group).

As I do have a number of groups in my setup I often want to ensure that all members of the groups are working, and for me it is a little easier to do that as one test, than to turn on each prop in the group.  Not that it is that hard by prop, but some groups can have large numbers of props, and a single test on a group would make my setup a little easier.

This is in no way a big priority to me as it is primarily used at setup or in the case of troubleshooting, so there is also no big rush.

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Another +1 for testing by group. I would even extend this to testing from the preview design/motion effect rows. When assembling motion effect rows for custom props, it would be desirable to test light functionality right in the preview design window and/or motion effect row editor to help ensure the right pixels are selected for the motion effect row. This is especially useful with higher density props.

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If you have control lights ON in sequencer - edit the Motion effect row - it will show on Prop - just like Motion Effect Generator Preview


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7 hours ago, Jimehc said:

edit the Motion effect row

I need to clarify, I am not putting an effect on the motion effect row and wanting to see how the effect renders. I am selecting the individual pixels I want for a default motion effect row while in the preview design. I build a lot of custom props from plywood or old wireframes and wire them with pixels. When making the prop, the picture in the background of the custom grid helps place pixels, but the picture is not there when making the default motion effect rows. If the picture was there, it would go a long ways. But being able to verify it right from the preview design would make it much easier.

For instance, if you were able to light up the last clicked/selected pixel white when placing your pixels in the custom grid or when selecting pixels for the motion effect rows, the process of ensuring I have the right pixels selected would be much faster. When the prop is dense or dense in one area, this helps even more, especially when you want to make the custom grid as small as possible to help with render/playback file times.

Sure, I can save the default motion effect rows, save the prop, save the preview (so many windows stacked up in this process makes this cumbersome too when just working with a single monitor on a laptop), go back to the prop in the sequence, modify the motion effect rows by merge with the default rows (they are default, but don't update automatically?), then finally run the sequence to make sure I got things right. This is just a time consuming process that could be reduced.

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