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Mapping Xlights converted sequence to LOR


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Ok - this has taken me all year, but I’ve finally gotten a few steps further.

I bought an Xlights sequence last year of “This is Me” from Showstopper Sequences. I tried to convert it to S5, but I got an error message saying “sequence must be divisible by 10ms”.

I finally figured out how to load the visualizer with their mapping, then start a new musical sequence and render in Xlights (which converted to a divisible of 10ms). That let me convert to LMS.

So now I have an LMS file of the conversion, which I tried to add to S5
When I open the file, it shows 30,000 different channels, and none of them match to my preview. 

Is there any way to take the visualizer that they used and provided for Xlights into LOR?

All I want to do is copy/paste their mega tree and pixel matrix into my own sequence, but when I open the LMS it gives me nothing (since none of the channels map, I’m sure).

Any thoughts?


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I use xlights and am very familiar with it.

What you need to do is create a new layout in xlights, under a new show directory.. Define your elements (props) in the layout, and channels in the controllers tab.. You could just define the channels as "NULL" with something like 99999 channels as you aren't using it to actually output to any lights in your case, so it's not super critical.

What's more important in your case is the start channels defined in the layout for your mega tree and matrix as that's what will translate to the LOR export.

You'll also likely want to make a "whole house" group with both your matrix and mega tree in it, for effects that are in the whole house group of the show stoppers sequence. This is where your personal display layout and the location of these elements can become important. As those "whole house" effects could use both the matrix and mega tree together, spanning across them.

Once you've created a new show directory and defined your channels and props in the layout, you then want to import the show stopper sequence onto your layout.

I've linked an xlights guide on how to do this here: https://manual.xlights.org/xlights/chapters/chapter-five-menus/import#importing-an-xlights-sequence

EDIT: Show stopper sequences has an import / mapping write up of their own as well. It can be found here: https://showstoppersequences.com/Using-Your-New-Sequence_b_4.html


Once you have everything mapped in xlights the way you like. You can then convert it to a LMS and it should work fine in your setup.


If you'd like you could send me the sequence, and the specifications for your mega tree / matrix. Ie: how many strings, strands per string, location of the matrix and mega tree in your display, ect... The more info about the props the better.

Hope this helps.

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