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After "wishing" and planning the last couple of years, I finally dove in. Wife got me the early Christmas present: 16 ch LOR controller. Finally got the lights up (easy part) and the extension cords run (not so easy part) and tested the show. IT WORKS. Just waiting for nightfall so my two boys can watch the "preview" before my "soft open" for family following dinner tomorrow.

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Congrads jwheeler, we here at the Fields house are going through the same.

We had a show run last evening and I had to beat up on some of my blue lights ( a women way of fixing things use a hammer LOL) and keeping the cat off the laptop was a job in its self. Thankfully thing went well.

My 6 year old grandson was over and the joy of watching him when the lights came on was priceless.

Enjoy the holiday and the lights this year we start a new family tradition the lights.

I posted some of our video's on youtube of our test night.

Hope to see some of your video's soon.

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