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PREVIEW Motion Effect Row Update issue on existing props in an existing sequence


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I have an issue where I tweak my preview and add ME rows to an existing prop.  I then hop into an existing SEQUENCE and the changes don't carry over.  (Default Motion Effect Rows(For new sequences only) - I know this from the warning)  Is there a way to have the updates of a preview update an existing sequence without having to add them in both places?  I have tried assigning a different preview and coming back to the old one.(no go)  The sequence holds true to the original setup of ME rows from the first go around.  I have deleted a VIEW in the sequence and remade it hoping then it would pull in the new version of the prop.(no go) I must be missing something, but I hope there is an easier way to have your props update the ME row changes from your preview in an existing sequence. 

Thank you for your help.

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in an existing sequence - you would have to right click the prop - add motion effect row - merge defaults... that is how the existing sequence sees the new motion effect rows added to the prop in your updated preview..

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Thank you soooooo much.  I can quit popping these ibuprofen for all the late night frustration.  Small tidbit of info with a big reward.  You have saved me so much time and headache.  Thank you.


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