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Can't figure out source of non-stop XP beeping


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Well, you know the annoying XP system beep ?

I seem to be getting it about once every 4-5 minutes and I've tried almost anything and everything to disable it (while leaving system sound for LOR intact).

So I've changed to the "No Sounds" sound scheme -- no luck.

I've also disable the beep in the registry -- no luck.

I've also gone into device manager and disabled the non-plug-and-plug device called 'beep' and also removed it from auto-starting (disabled).

I've also gone into msconfig and disabled everything not critical.

I have also disabled most non-essential windows services.

I should note I have two sound cards ... the included realtek (motherboard) sound which I have disabled in device manger ... and an Maudio 2496 soundcard ... which I am using. The Maudio runs a tray program called M-Audio Delta Tray. Sometimes that tray icon will not go away, even when I "Exit" it from the tray. I did find it listed twice in the startup tab in msconfig ... so I unchecked one of the two there.

So anyways ... the dang thing is still beeping.

I had the beep gone last night for a few hours ... but can't figure out what I did to allow it to come back.

I really need help ... I don't want a beep throughout my show!!


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Scott you know the sound when you hold a button down on your keyboard and it beeps at you is this what the beep sounds like??? I had an issue like this once in college and i was doing basically what you were doing and then I realized that my paperwork that was leaned up against the monitor and being held by the numbers on the keyboard which in return was pushing one of them down just slightly and xp would beep at me. Sorry if this doesn't help. I can't think of any other places to check for the beeping. Hope you get it figured out soon..

Jeremy Williams

Coweta Oklahoma

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I am still getting the beep and nothing is running. I only have a "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the tray and it points to my hard drive (can't figure that one out).

I have read some posts that people can get persistent beeping from the Remove Hardware tray icon.

Now I just don't know how to remove it / disable it.

I've even disabled the maudio sound card and re-enabled the default realtek sound.

I'm about on my last guess ... the remove hardware icon seems to be the only thing left.

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Thanks -- I actually have already done both of those ... and the beeps continue.

Well I think I've narrowed it down to the 'Safely Remove Hardware' tray icon.

I have a C and D hard drive. D was added later and is a 250GB data drive.

Windows thinks the the D drive is removable for some reason, even though its a SATA internal drive (not removable in my mind).

So its the constand actions of the hardware removal function in XP that is causing all these beeps. I'm just not sure how to disable the darn thing, or make windows realize its not a removable drive.

I have gone to Western Digital to look for driver updates ... but they seem to only have software for installing a new drive, which I don't need.

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If it happens again there is something you can do. It doesn't get to the root or cause of the problem, but it will stop the beeping. You just need to go into the system settings where the sounds are assigned, find that sound and disable it.

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Actually, what made this so bad is that I went into the sound control panel and turned off all the sounds, plus specifically turned off the beep in the registry ... and it still continued.

Well, I do have a beep tonight ... I just turned off my other computer to try and be sure where its coming from (I have both going into my same set of speakers).

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Thanks, I'll try that.

Ironically, my show machine doesn't beep anymore, but now I'm getting an occasional beep from my other (non-show) machine.

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