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S4 to S6 migration

Ron Boyd

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I'm already in S6 having moved from S5 during the BETA time. The important thing to understand about S5 and S6 is the "Preview". Its there that all of the hardware assignments are accomplished with the props. It does allow for importing the visualizer file from S4. You can expect to clean things up and move things around to your background photo. These newer version will also show you errors you may not have caught in S6. The sequencer takes a bit more effort in S5/S6 from S4 but once you see how it works, its easy. The major loss from both S5 and S6 from S4, no more Visualizer. They are supposedly planning on adding it back in S6 and yes, we all miss it. S6, everything is done from the Control Panel and truly, it makes it easier.

Its a bit late in the year to move things from S4 to either S5 or S6. I think I'd suggest you keep what works with S4 for this coming season. However, if you have another computer, you might consider copying the LOR directory to it, then adding S6 to it and see how it goes. This way you aren't messing with your already completed show.

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FYI,. There is a steep learning curve going from S4 to S5 or S6. and it is a bit late in the year. Even just updating "a ton" of sequences would be a task this late on. I have 60 sequences and have been updating them all year.

The key to a successful migration is to create a good working Preview before importing  your S4 files.

Note also that the  S5 and S6 Show Player will both play unmodified LMS files made in S4, or even a mix of LMS and Loredit files.

These videos might help.



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If your S4 sequences still match the layout in your yard (i.e. no need to change channel assignments), then you can create a show in S6 that includes your old sequences (LMS files), and mix them in with any newer sequences created in S5 or S6.

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