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Light-O-Rama Version 6.0.10 Released as an Open Beta


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Important Information about Beta Releases

Please note that this is a beta release, not an official production release.  For important information about beta releases, including what it means, who should participate, and how to participate, please see this post

How To Check If Your License Covers This Version

Please note that your license may or may not cover this version. Anyone with an active Light-O-Rama license from the past 5 years can download and run the S6 Beta.


How To Get the Latest Version

The new version can be downloaded by visiting the link below. This webpage also includes instructions about how to provide Beta testing feedback.



Providing Feedback

All feedback for the S6 Beta should be posted in this forum: https://forums.lightorama.com/forum/68-open-beta-lor-s6/ 

Support via the Help Desk and phone will not be provided since this is a Beta version and not an official release.

Beta testing ends September 30, 2022.


What's New in Version 6.0.10 (S6 Beta)

(Coming Soon.)


Thank you for your help in testing the Beta!

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