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How to set up a Bethlehem Start in SS

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I want to try using SS on my Bethlehem Star.  I have the layout (designed) with 50 square Pixels, 25 on each side. Channel 1 is the lower left and 50 is lower right, #25 top Left and #26 top Right.

1. Is there a Bethlehem Star template or what are my options?

2. On the Configuration page, and set to 1 string of 50 pixels I get 1 Colum of 50 squares in the Horizonal or Vertical format, can I make this 2 colums of 25 left/Right or top/ bottom?

3. It looks like I can drop in a section of SS into an S5 sequence, is this correct?

I am using S5 pro software

Thanks for all help,


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Sorry to take so long to reply. I am on vacation and have not had access to internet until now. In S5 you should not use the Configuration page in the Superstar software. Instead you should use Preview Design in the Sequencer to define your Prop.

I do not believe there is a Bethlehem Star template. It would probably be easiest if I remote into your computer and see exactly how you have done your star and then I can assist in setting up the Prop in your Preview. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and we can schedule a time for me to do that.


 -Brian Bruderer

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