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Having an issue with scheduling.

First, it seems to have imported my information from v5 and I see the schedule but how do you create or update/edit a schedule - not straightforward.

Second, and the bug report, my show starts but the lights don't come on (was having similar issues in v5). I would stop the show immediately and restart and sometimes it would take several restarts to actually work. Previously I put in a trouble ticket but never had resolution. I am suspecting something with the CAT5 cables.

However, in Beta 6.0.4, if I stop a show and then try to add a show back in through the Control Panel, it will not work by selecting an end time. I can do this only by selecting "Play until I stop it". I have tried entering a stop time several times over but it never loads into the Currently Playing. Hopefully this can be looked at and corrected easily. I have a 4th of July display running and am only using LOR to simply turn on all lights at a set time and then turn them off (all channels on). Not a complex configuration.

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