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The recent gift I received of an upgrade from SuperStar 24_CCR to SuperStar 60_CCR (Thank you, Light-O-Rama!) got me playing with sequencing my pixel tree (now called "Pixel Base") together with my pixel star with SuperStar. Previously, the SuperStar license wouldn't allow me to do that, so I sequenced the star separately.

However, I found an issue: When a SuperStar effect on "Pixel Tree" (the Preview Group of "Pixel Base" and "Pixel Star") faded out, and a motion effect on "Pixel Base" faded up, the SuperStar Effect would suddenly go black as soon as the "Pixel Base" effect started at 0%:

I discovered that an effect on a member of a group would override the effect on the group itself, and the "Blend/Overlay" setting doesn't apply because the effects are effectively on different props (even though it's part of the same prop). I was going to report this as a Bug/Feature Request, but then I discovered a solution:

I used the "Manage Motion Effect Rows" dialog on the group to make a row containing just the "Pixel Base", and then copied the effects I had on the "Pixel Base" prop to the "Base" motion effect row in the group:

Now the fade out/fade in effects work as expected.

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