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Bug Report - Motion Effect Rows not showing up


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I have snowflakes I created using the new snowflake prop. When I created them I added Motion Effect rows. I moved the Foreground to the top row and renamed the Effects since the numbering system is wrong. I have Foreground as Effect 01 and Background as Effect 02. I saved the props (I created 6 of them). I added a new view and selected the new snowflake tower group and then the individual snowflakes. The props and group now have the cross-hatch lines. I can double-click each prop to open the prop definition and can see the 2 motion effect rows I created. However when I right on the prop and go to manage motion effect rows, it shows 0 motion effect rows. I have to re-add the motion effect rows and then I have to rename them again from Effect 02 and 03 to Effect 01 and 02. 

Also several times after I renamed the Motion Effect rows and hit Save, the software just sits there for several minutes. It never says "Not responding" or anything. It just sits there. I can go to task manager and close out and then open the Sequencer back up and nothing was saved. Or I can let it sit there a few minutes and it will eventually come back.

EDIT: I opened another sequence and created a new view and the Motion effect row came in just fine on that one. It did it a couple times on the one it messed up on. So not sure what that was about. Tried to delete this thread but not sure how.

Light-O-Rama Control Panel (64-bit)
Version 6.0.4 (BETA)
Copyright 2022 Light-O-Rama, Inc.
Pro Edition
Registered to: Joseph Cain

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i5-2310 CPU @ 2.90GHz
Intel® HD Graphics
14 Gb RAM

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double click the Prop with the crosshatch - add motion effect - in top line of motion effect window - hit "Merge Defaults"

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