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Tony Hefner

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Wow first time newbie and it realy works 80 channels' 20 ft mega tree' arches and all.A few small twweks and next sunday will be ready to go live. This is really a great feeling, building the controllers to planning the lights. Wife thought I was nuts untill she seen how nice it was to have our son in law help me putting up the tree and lights. two big kids tangled in lights. Many thanks to aal the advise on this forum and from the great people at Light o Rama, If we had more companys as weel versed at helping people as they do the world would be such a better place. My grandaughter was born with a heart defect and our familly was bumed out early this year. But the doctors at the childrens hospital of philladepia did a great job replairing the hole and repairing her valves. My father died in august he would have loved to see this working and I'm sure he is looking down on us. But I really need to thank Alex and Dan they gave me the inspiration to go on. Thank you all.

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It's a great feeling to see the show running in all it's glory, isn't it? That's why I keep going through all the grief all year long - for that first run of the show. It never gets old.

Congrats on your show being operational.


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Congratulations on a huge accomplishment.

I'm still "dreaming" of the day my show comes to life. But it's getting close
enough that my adrenaline is starting to fuel me.

Similarly, my father has helped me do my DIY projects and has enjoyed himself immensely, even though he's never been much of a Christmas decorator.

My brother (was also lives in the same town as I) has been helping me setup every weekend for the last month.

My eldest brother has helped me get my web page going.

So this is quickly becoming a family affair ... and I can relate to your sense of pride you must have.

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Congratulations on the display.

If your experience was anything like mine, you knew it would be cool but were stunned by how cool it was when you tested it. Two years ago there was a crazy man dancing in the street in front of my house when I got mine assembled.

The smile you had when you lit it up was the first of many smiles it will generate.


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