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Dancing Fountains - With LOR!


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I know the possibility of using LOR to control fountains is something that has been discussed a few times on here and has been achieved with varying degrees of success. It's something I've been looking at for many years and having a few LOR controllers leftover from Christmas displays at a previous address I thought I would give it a go. 

It's not been easy. From finding compatible pumps with Asynchronous Motors to tracking down lighting which is submersible and compatible with the LOR/DMX universe. Add to that with me being based in the United Kingdom and therefore having additional complications with using the LOR controllers and wiring requirements. 

All that said, I have achieved it and wanted to 'show off' a couple of the shows in their most basic format. Over time it will be expanded to include extra jets and lighting effects.

Barcelona (Summer Evening):


I'm curious to see what you make of it! :) 

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I would love to see the inner workings!


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7 hours ago, GRG said:

I would love to see the inner workings!


My exact thought. How much is LOR and what pieces.

I remember a fountain show at the Santa Barbara Bowl in the late 50's. Way before LOR and even Mini-computers to run things.

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