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Are you open to usability feedback?


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Hi everyone at LOR and congratulations on your new Beta. I'm excited to see the new things your team has come up with!

Out of curiosity, would you be open to receiving usability feedback?


At my job, I normally teach the new hire orientation and onboarding classes, but sometimes I've been asked to QA software and provide feedback, approaching scenarios from both the perspective of an instructor trying to explain a computer concept to his class, as well as relaying feedback on how I've of my new hire students would likely react while being taught to perform a particular task.


Usability feedback doesn't exactly fall under the "bug" category, but depending on the culture of a  development team, it might not be seen as a "feature request", either.


Examples might be anything from:

- "The tabbing order on such-and-such toolbar skips over the third icon if you are relying on keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse."

-"We found the icon picture used for feature X is confusing. Would you be open to consider a picture of a ____ instead?"

- "The task on the _____ screen functions correctly, but if they were laid out on the screen in a left-to-right order, I would be less likely to skip the third step of the process. I was confused why the Continue button was still grayed out, and it took me a few minutes to realize that the such-and-such option (all the way over there) still had a checkmark in the box."

- "The font on the xyz dialog box is too small for me to make out, when compared to the other dialog boxes of a similar type and size. I had to to grab my reading glasses, but only for that one screen."


The other reason for my asking is that, if valuable, this sort of feedback might require minor tweaks tags or drop-downs in your internal issue tracking system. Additionally, you may need the Beta end users to use a modified version of the formatting rules.


Anyways, thanks again. Please know this was posted in the spirit of wanting to assist in making your software be the best it can possibly be. Thank you,



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Hello Matt, "Usability Feedback" has been added as an encouraged "Post Title" option. Feel free to either delete this thread and repost with your comments, or edit the post accordingly to reflect what you'd like to say.

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