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Error playing media file, musical... wmv file


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My version is 5.6.8 as opposed to the ref above was in S4. I was finalizing my sequences here so there's no surprises later this year. When I ran a show on demand, it faulted. The first sequence would play(new one) but only older sequences would run after that. Any new sequences in there, would not play with that same error. The major differences are having video files(WMV) listed as the Media File. At the suggestion from the help desk, I also tried a formal show in the normal show mode but got the same result. I carefully examined the file references to insure I didn't mess anything up, fixed a couple, but nothing stands out. Each sequence plays perfectly via the sequencer and yes, when I saved each, I also created the playback files. Everything is where its suppose to be.

    The help desk said the programmers are going full blast finalizing S6 so for the moment, they can't respond to S5 issues.

Strange that this S5 issue sounds just like the older S4 issue now. So anyone that might do a 4th of July show via S5, you might want to see if it'll run.

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So far, its appearing this might only be a problem for Video files and if a person uses multiple monitors. On mine, the software is mis-identifying which monitor is Primary therefore its getting confused and causing the show player to fail. I use four monitors so it got confused between thinking #4 was my primary as opposed to the actual #1. I changed the preferences in the Sequencer "Tools" pull-down, "Video" and altered it to Monitor #3 for me. Now it appears to be happy. So, formally run your shows long before the real show time comes.

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