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Lag in S5 that will not go away.

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On 5/26/2022 at 10:37 PM, dibblejr said:

As previously stated earlier this month. It is mostly to due with the size of your custom props grid size. You can try to reduce the size by using the - / + button in the custom bulb placement grid. You will need to change all of them, this will help a tad. The most effective way to drastically reduce the time and you may not like this is to change your grid size to as small as possible and still be able to see your numbers. Once again, you will have to do it to every custom prop.

I personally had the same problem when I first started using S5 with all of my custom props. I made videos of it. Once I started making the grid small it all came together and I stopped experiencing the long load times.

Luckily for me I caught it early but I did have to re create all of the props I had previously built. It meant that when I wanted node numbers that had three digits I could only see 2. I also used a screen magnifier for my laptop.

If you watch the first minute of this video you will see how small my grid is. This was after I found the issue of the slow loading. 



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