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Someone passes me any 50x24 matrix to start testing the functionality. thank you


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Hi guys, I wanted to ask you for some suggestions. For 2022, I wanted to create a 24x50 or 50x24 matrix, surely someone has already built it. I wanted to ask if the strip of lamps is better to place them vertically, starting from the top or from the bottom, I think it is indifferent, but if it is not tell me. Also I don't know how far to put the strips, one from the other. The viewing distance of the matrix sequence from the street is about 30 meters, while from near the house about 15 meters. Also, then I finish, if someone has one already completed, even anything, even a test, just to start getting hold of it. I still use S4, let's see if I can upgrade to S5, but I see it tough. Thank you and as always you are the best. Hello from Pierpaolo happy grandfather.
The measures are in centimeters in Italy.

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