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Not 100% sure about this, but the low power/lower amp pixels from LOR , I believe they are regulated not resistor. 

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1 hour ago, ItsMeBobO said:

The number of LOR pixels in my show which are working at full power with no PI and no calculating.   The power available and power consumption seem to me to be well matched on the LOR package with controller and pixels.   I dont cut my strings but I have used lots of power extensions for roof lines with no impact which is observed by me.   I have a mixed collection of small controllers located near the lights daisy chained.  And Large controllers in a central location with power extensions to the mounted position.  I like the later much better because of fewer wires including the power which must go to the small controller.   I have not been a fan of packing as many pixels as possible on a port. 

The number includes  original CCR & CCP, CCR II,  Pixie16 5v, Pixie16 12V,  Pixcon 12V,  oh and I have a falcon with non LOR 12V pixels which is not even close to being loaded up. It has 96 pixels per port. 

The bigger problem than psu power for me has been data speeds for large pixel props.  This year the addition of the PixieLink was a big improvement. 


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