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Best mega tree hardware kit


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I plan to buy the 20 ft mega tree pixel kit from LOR. But I know I need the hardware for the tree. Which kit is best? I’ve seen a couple on different websites like Christmaslightshow.com, holidaycoro, and wowlights.

Which is sturdier? Which have people used more? Best for the money? 

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Use 2" rigid steel pole - one 20' Black Steel (Gas Pipe) or two 10' Galvanized Rigid (Electrical Pipe) - buying parts is less expensive the buying Kits..

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As I stated in your other thread

You will not find anyone that will send you an "entire Kit" including the center poles that normal people could afford.

Take it from those of us who actually know, built and have the trees.

"Safety" is the key here. Using a 1 piece center mast is the safest way. If you are in a city where you can buy a single black steel pipe they come in 22' lengths. It may be difficult to transport but that is the way to go. Get it home once and its done. I gave my 2 section mast tree away to another member here that was willing to drive from Ohio to my home. Luckily Bham is Iron city. Steel pipe is in abundance and affordable.

Search for my builds starting from my first wood framed tree to my black steel tree with winch for more info.

Remember, you or visitors or both may be standing under or around that tree. The last thing you want it to do is fall. Even my 2" black steel tree flex's under the weight of lights. My original 360 tree was 15,500 lights and a radio tower. Age and one fall made me retire it and use just black steel gas line for the build.


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I had one of the ChristmasLightShow.com 20ft mega tree kits with the 2ft LED 3 color star. That thing is a tank and at 1 time I had 9600 mini's on it, with 50+ mph winds it never budged once set up. 2" rigid Black pipe (heavy duty) with that 16 hook was so easy to put up and take down, unfortunately I don't think they are still being sold so finding one will be on the rare side. Whatever you do Always, always, always have some guy wires to secure it.

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I have used the Walter Monkhouse Portable Hole and and ASAP for at least the last four years.  Prior to that I used Portable Hole with the JUMP version for four or five years. I switched to the ASAP because it took too long to lift the lights using the JUMP mechanism. 

I have the advantage of living in a cold climate so the anchors used to keep the Portable Hole solidly in place are frozen into the ground.  I also use guy wires to help stabilize the pole.

Below are links to Walters how-to instructions.  If nothing else they might provide ideas on how you could engineer your own solution.  

Portable Hole

ASAP (A strap and a pole)

JUMP (Jack up mega pole)


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I agree with many of the comments above.  I purchased a single solid pipe from a local Metal Mart Store.  I did cement a sleeve in the ground, so mine goes in the same place each year, but my front yard isn't very big so it can only go in a couple spots anyway.  I cut the pole to the same length as my garage for storage and hang it from the ceiling with bike hooks in the off season.  Sometimes I'll get it out during the summer and hang a flag from it.  My tree still has regular lights on it being 64 strands of 100ct with a 4' star mounted on top using kit I bought from 3G Lighting Creations many years ago, which I don't think they sell anymore.  It's a pulley system that the star connects to on top.  Top of the star to the ground is about 25', +3' into the sleeve in the ground. The big safety aspects, I believe, are a single solid pole and the use of guy wires.  I have 4 that don't allow for much movement.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5i2F72IyBY


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