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Video Hosting - Who and Why?


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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I connected with y'all on here. Our 2021 Show is fantastic and finally running smoothly after "fun" issues with bad batches of lights. I digress, we have recorded all of our songs for this year but have found an issue - storage / hosting. We believe Vimeo's free plan caps you off at a certain amount of consumed stored videography, much like it caps weekly and yearly uploads. So, from here, where do we go from here? YouTube is a tricky avenue to traverse to circumvent the whole copyright situation. What do y'all do to host your videos or how do you tiptoe around YouTube's (or Vimeo's) limitations?

I do know Vimeo has paid plans, but the cost is not justifiable.

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For myself I used to have a youtube channel, but have since been locked out and have no way to reset the password at this point. I also don't like youtube or google for that matter, I de-googled my life several years ago and have no accounts on google or any social media sites at this point.

So with youtube not being an option for me, I first decided to look at alternatives. The best alternatives to me are Odysee, Bitchute, and Vimeo; which you already mentioned, but there are ways to work with it.


Once I am finished editing my videos, I have to transcode them to smaller file sizes, the video output from my editing software is often around 2-3gb per song for the raw video file.

I use a piece of free software called handbreak which is an excellent transcoder.

For my videos this year, I used the "discord nitro large" preset which is a compressed web optimized 1080p at 30fps.

Keep in mind that if you shoot at a higher or lower frame rate (like 24fps) you will need to adjust the frame rate before transcoding, or else things like your audio may end up out of sync.

However for me I left it at it's defaults, as I was shooting at 30p.

Once you have everything sorted, select a directory to save your converted video, and hit start.


After converting my full show, it was able to take my 3gb full 15 minute show file and make it into a file that was just under 450mb, perfect for vimeo's free weekly upload limit.

You could play with the settings in handbreak or whatever other transcoder you use, and try to optimize it. But be warned that after a certain point you may start noticeably losing quality and even introducing artifacts.

You could also stagger your video uploading to vimeo, by uploading some videos and then waiting until the next week.


Just some random thoughts and things that worked for me.

Take care.

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On 12/31/2021 at 1:39 AM, canadianchristmas said:

The best alternatives to me are Odysee, Bitchute, and Vimeo; which you already mentioned, but there are ways to work with it.

Thank you for your input! We'll take a look into these resources and see how we ought to proceed.

Happy Holidays!

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The only two videos that I have posted are on YouTube.  Any future videos will likely be hosted on my own web server.


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I stopped posting on youtube after they hit me with copyright infringement on my Eddie Bush - Thin Blue Line song sequence over a year after posting. The production company and artist provided a member here with the rights "in writing" to use his song for our shows. These rights were placed as required by the youtube rules. After receiving the violation I disputed it with yoube, the artist and production company even replied within the video. Youtubes decision was to allow the video "with ads". I did not agree, I am a nobody on youtube and have never made any money. In tern I privatized my 20K or so videos. Youtube then locked me from downloading my videos. The only way I can download 1 video is to unlock all videos (unless I do not understand how to do it any other way).

I have used Vimeo ever since. I ended up paying for Vimeo unlimited because I create a lot of tutorials for the lighting community and although I dont get paid, it is still worth sharing my knowledge with those who may need it.

I have not had one problem with Vimeo although most of my musical videps are privatized, unless I have the artists/ production firm approval.


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Vimeo has hit me with two strikes and say they will close my account on the 'next' one for being a repeat offender.   The last strike was 2-3 years ago but I dont know if the strikes stay with me forever or age out.    I have a paid subscription to Vimeo because of the increased ingestion speed and size limits over the free account and the cost is minimal to get me what I want to do.    

Another thing I should point out about my two strikes is where I got the audio from.   Both strikes were from audio that I grabbed from the internet versus buying them from Amazon.   They can and do detect that somehow so I learned to just pay the $1 to be safe.   I have also hidden all of my lights videos from public view.   Only people I send the link to can see any of them. 

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