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My 10 strand Porch Posts are not doing what I want them to do!!


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Hello Everyone and Merry Christmas 2021!!!

This problem can be remedied for next years setup, I hope.

I have upgraded to the S5 software and transferred all of my S4 sequences over to the S5.  I have 10 porch posts and believe it is something I have done to get this incorrect.  On the S5 SE visualizer (acquired from S4 visualizer) I have added a new mega tree and everything on it works rather well.  Every prop in the sequence does too..... If I tell the props lights to go down they all go down and if programmed to go up, they all go up.  The problem is when the sequence is displayed outside, if all props lights are supposed to be going down, everything goes down except the porch posts.  They do the opposite of up and down.  Going left or right are good.  The unconnected lines of 50 pixels in the visualizer has the pixel 1 starting at the bottom. 

Here is what I have tried.  Tried to reverse start pixel 1 at the top, did not work.  Deleted all porch posts and programmed with fire stick with the pixels starting at the bottom.  Did not work.  Tried the fire stick pixel 1 start at top, did not work.  In S5 the channels all start with pixel 1 and the only way is to reverse what I do in the channels and it will work.  Up is down and down is up..... Kind of a labor intensive task and did this in S4.

When the mega tree with star was made in the visualizer (as well as the porch posts) and all 16 pixel strands start is at the bottom and it works like it is supposed to.  Just cannot figure out why my porch posts cannot do the same.

Anybody out there have a problem like this and can help?? 

Thanks to all of you out there for keeping Christmas lighted!!!


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Almost universally when something like this happens, it means that the way that the prop is built in the Prop Editor in the Preview Editor does not match the actual construction (including pixel controller setup).  Go through it step by step and good bet somewhere in the process, your hand will slap your forehead as you shout "Duh!" (or "Doh!" for your Simpsons fans).


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