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Lights Stop Working


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I have been running LOR sequences in a show now all season and all of the sudden tonight I noticed lights weren't on about 15 minutes into scheduled show. Went outside and music was playing and breaker hadn't tripped. Disabled the show and then enabled. Started and everything came back on just fine. Noticed about 30 minutes later lights out again, music still playing. Same restart and came back on. This time lights stayed on for 30 seconds or so. Restarted computer and started show back up, played for about 2 minutes and then lights out. Music continues as though the show is continuing.

Swapped to another laptop and it works flawlessly and doesn't stop. Swapped back to original machine, worked for about 5 minutes and did the same thing.

Seems like this is a computer issue controlling the controller and not the controller itself. Anyone seen this before or know why all of the sudden my computer may have started acting up like this?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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