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Do we know this guy


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Nope, don't recognize him.  

I saw a news report a day or two ago about some display over in the UK somewhere that a person has set to music, and it was HUGE, they claimed there are over 4 million, yes 4 MILLION lights, and a lot of it RGB set to music.   But they said you have to pay to see it {it's a walk-thru display} and that all fees go to charity.   But seeing that massive display, I have doubts that some of those fees also go to pay their power bill!  

Every inch of the house and yard is covered with lights.   It was awesome, and has to be the biggest display of RGB and other lights I've ever seen set to music.   I think it was our local channel ABC {Channel 9 in Orlando} that showed it, but it may have been CBS, Channel 6.  Since I watch both of these newscasts at different times of the day.


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Thanks Phil    Finally got the meaning of NOTW          Not Of This World           yes awesome xLights sequencing

He is also using remote falcon. 

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