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Thanks to everyone on this forum that got me this far.....


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Looking at some of the other folks who have posted in this forum..... I have a long way to go but I've learned so much from this place I figured I'd at least post this video to say thanks to everyone on here who helped me get this far. I appreciate you all!



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Thanks All! :)

1 hour ago, ebrown1972 said:

MattJ, nice work. Are your net lights pixels? If so, where did you get them? Thanks,


Eric - yes they are. I only got them up and running just before the season so I used them WAYYY dumber than they can be used. I am planning to do better this year!
They are not LOR products so I'll message you the details directly. 

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6 minutes ago, jfuller8400 said:

Great Job!  I loved your Tune-To sign.  Are those pixels or dumb rgb?

Everything pixels for the first time year this time round!

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