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Cosmic Color Controller II with 2 Strings of 50 Bullet Pixels Problems

Paul McGuire

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I have this  Cosmic Color Controller II with 2 Strings of 50 Bullet Pixels and am stumped trying to get it to work with RTG sequences. I am using a N4-G4-MP3 Director. I have tried setting the cosmic controller up on the hardware utility, but it does not produce anything when connected to the N4-G4-MP3 Director. In the HU, I was able to get one string working for awhile, but could never get the second string to light up at all. Then there is the question of how I actually connect it to the N4-G4-MP3 Director. I have 4 of the Residential Series  CTB16PC-ReadyToGO. They are connected in series and all works ok. However, I don't understand where and how the Cosmic Color Controller II hooks up. I have done a thorough search, but can not seem to find an answer to this problem, although, I'm sure the answer is out there. Any help is much appreciated. 

I will also say, this is my first attempt and my wife and others are astounded(as am I), about how beautiful it is to see the lights in sequence to the music. I'm a big fan!  Thanks,


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Couple of things about Pixies (a CCC2 is a Pixie2)

Switches (ID) override HU settings EVERY POWER CYCLE.

2 choices: 1)whip out the chart in the back of the manual and set the ID using that. 2)Set the switches to OFF, then HU settings stick

As to your N4G4, use the next output port. Set speed for that to 500K. Your sequences will use AuxA when you want to use the Pixie on that port

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I'd definitely recommend turning all dip switches off, as TheDucks said, then what ever first ID # you set it to, will remain until yu change it again in the HU.  Otherwise, it will DEFAULT to ID 01, the factory dip switch setting LOR used.

Also note that the CCC-II, as TheDucks said is a Pixie2, but the Pixies DO NOT use a single ID #, if you set it to ID #3, that would be the FIRST PORT ID!  The 2nd Port is ID #4!

So this has to also be reflected in ANY sequences you create, if not, your 2nd port WILL NOT light!   It will work in the HU, but NOT in a sequence if BOTH ID's ARE NOT present.

I run my 3 Pixie 2's on Aux B off my N4-G4 Director, due to I have numerous RGB controllers, and I also use Enhanced and 1,000K for them{might be overkill, but they will run at this speed}, my Pixie2's run my 2 LOR Singing Trees and my HC Coro Floodlights.  My AUX A is for my lower voltage {5V} 500K, Enhanced CCB100D original RGB controllers. My AUX C is for a Pixie16 series, which uses 16 ID #'s.  And my Regular Network is for my older G1 V2 CTB16PC Controllers at 115K, NON-Enhanced.

So you have to be aware that Pixie controllers USE MULTIPLE ID's when setting them up in your display, and in your sequences for them to work correctly.


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1 hour ago, Paul McGuire said:

Thank You! By turning off dip switches, do you mean remove all jumpers? 

Switches may be jumpers in some places , BUT NOT  in a Pixie ID.  Look at your book.

But if the switches are OFF, make sure that JP5 is missing (or parked on 1 pin only)

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