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First off, the output frequency of 87.9 (or any other) comes out on the radio at 102.3! It was clear as a bell during the first test. Now it is terribly distorted. Ideas? What could have happened?

I'm a newbie with not a lot of electrical experience, so this part is new to me. Just trying to make the wife happy for "her" display to benefit the local food pantry. I have 3 more days to get it working.


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When you're changing your frequencies, are you saving them to flash by pressing the "up" button on the last setup screen?

Also, have you tried to receive the test frequencies on more than one receiver. If you have access to a digital receiver like those in cars, I would try that.

If it is consistently on 102.3, I would try going through the setup once again and making sure that you are saving your settings to flash and that the frequency that you intend to use is in there correctly.

For future reference, there is a red adjustable capacitor in the FM30B known as C56 that you can use to fine tune the transmitter if need be, but you only get about +/-2khz and you probably don't need to mess with that.

I would really just double check your saved settings and make any corrections as necessary.

Hope this helps.


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