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I am completely new to this and have the basic 16 channel system running led lights. Is there a way to get shows like through sharing? Setting up my own show through the sequencer is way out of my league. Everything is hooked up and running the 5 shows that I got with the package but would like some more. Thanks in advance. 

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You can do it! This is my first year as well. What I usually do is pick the main beat line and pick something to match it. I have a set of icicles and a set of multi-colored C9 on the roof that I usually use for the beat. Next for added in things like piano key notes/trumpets/etc... I have a set of 8 mini-trees and 2 candy canes. Talking santa take up another 3 then I have an extra that is all white that in some songs I dupe the icicles and others I'll use something that you only hear occasionally or like where things are done in quick succession. Just what I do, everyone has their own way.

I do have an original that I would be willing to share with you, Elton John and Dua Lipia - Cold hearted if you'd like a free one. Post me your e-mail and I'll send it to you. It still needs a little fine tuning/adjustments but is pretty good overall.

Otherwise go here:



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