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Random crashes


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Forgive me if this is simple, but I'm fairly new to this (in our 2nd year). 

Our LOR Christmas light show keeps crashing, sometimes in the middle of the first run through the show, sometimes not for several hours. 

Does anyone know how to diagnose the problem? We have it set to run the songs and sequences on a continuous loop as long as the system has power. 

It's a 32 channel system with a mini director running the show off an SD card.


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You said 2nd year with LOR. Does that also mean 2nd year with the director also? Is so how did it perform the 1st year?

You also need to provide more details on your system for anyone to help.

This will be my first year using the director. SO my experience is limited with it. I have yet to run my full show as I am way behind this year and only running test sequences while I finish up all my hardware installs on the house.  If you dont get a reply from someone soon with more knowledge I would suggest contacting the help center and open a ticket. There is also a thread on the forum about random crashes that I have read. You might search for that.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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I ran the mini director and have upgraded to the latest 4 network director last year.  Apparently the directors work best with Kingston SD cards.  I used San disk and PNY in the past and they usually worked fine but occasionally I would experience problems.  I've been using the Kingston for a few years now and no unexpected problems other than operator error.  No guarantee it is your problem but something to try.  


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