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SuperStar messing up my display


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I went to open one of my existing sequences to do a little tweeking on it.  It played just fine in Sequencer, but when I open SuperStar via an "Insert SuperStar Effects" on an exiting SuperStar effect, most of the display was messed up.  For background, I have a Preview group that has the vast majority of my display and I sequence all of each song as a single "Insert SuperStar Effect" for most of the display props.  Note that what you see here is a copy of the file, so I can mess with it and not mess up my version that is running in my show.  I also was editing another song today and it was fine.

Here is the version information:

SuperStar version: v0.2110.18

Light-O-Rama S5 Sequencer (64-bit), Version 5.6.6
Pro Edition
Copyright 2016-2021 Light-O-Rama, Inc.
Registered to: Jim Walls

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti
Intel® UHD Graphics 630
OpenGL version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 457.51


I threw together a quickie (very poorly edited) video of what is happening.  Any ideas?


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1 minute ago, dibblejr said:

I sure hope you get this figured out.

I hope so too.

I just edited another song and it was fine.

I went back and loaded several previous versions of that same song - including what was used in my 2020 show, and it was also hosed up. Appears to be just that one song (so far).




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Not sure why this is happening. I would like to remote into your computer and take a look at some things. When is a convenient day and time I can do that? Can you email me at brian@superstarlights.com

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That's about what I Was expecting.  I should be available most of tomorrow after around 10:30AM Pacific time.

E-Mail headed your way.


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I had a remote session with Brian this morning and first of all confirmed the problem with him.  Also confirmed that the current production version of SuperStar ( 5.6.6 ) does NOT have this problem.  I have been using a test version, and that version has the issue, but after switching back to the normal production version 5.6.6, the problem is not there.  Brian has copies of my files and Preview and will find the issue.


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