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Superstar RGB star problem

Mr Christmas

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I finally got the star working correctly following the instructions for assembly.  I made 5 stars in the pixie editor and then created a group for all 5 called 2021 RGB star. Using the pixie editor,  I sequenced all my songs and in my work room  it looked great. I moved the star to my tree and mounted it and it not isn't working correctly.  The stars aren't showing like inside but are " overlaping to other stars and leaving dark portions of others. It appears to be only stars 4 and 5. HELP!

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Are you using S4 or S5?  Are you using the RGB Star kit purchased from www.superstarlights.com ?

If you are using S5, go into Preview Design

Click on Add

Click on "Superstar (online)"

Choose the 16 CCR Tree with RGB Star

This will give you a Prop designed for the RGB star purchased from superstarlights.com

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I'm using S4. Yes it's superstar lights star. I used the prop design you mentioned,  but am having an issue with the "splitting up" of the lights for the last 2 stars, 4 and 5. The outer stars.

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Do you have two Pixie 2 controllers with a total of 4 strings of 50 pixels?  Or do you have one Pixie 2 controller with 2 strings of 50

For S4 you need to use a visualization. Attached is the S4 visualization for the 16 CCR tree and the RGB star. After launching superstar click on the File menu and select "import visualization"

Set sequencing grid "max length" to 61

set "vertical"

import the visualization.

It might be easiest if I remote into your computer and take a look. Send an email to brian@superstarlights.com and we can set up a time to do that.

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Can you send me an email to thomas1028@sbcglobal.net? Then I can just reply to you. I can't figure out how to send to you. 

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