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Residential RGB adding pixel singing trees


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I’d like to add the 4 singing trees to my residential 64channels. I’m also using the SD Show Director to it automatically runs. Where do I plug the cat5s in the 4 different box units of 64 channels?

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Basic Plus will not cut it if those trees have a Pixie 2

You can daisy chain the 4 Pixie 2's  These also need to be run at 500K

Depending on the age of you 64 channels ( 💡 Always tell us the model, generation and FW for faster answers of all boxes involved), they might not support 500K (or ELOR mode)



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Actually the pixie2's with the singing faces can work on a non Enhanced Network depending on what other controllers are on the network. Only an Advanced License is required to use the LOR Motion Packs however you must also have the LOR base sequence to use the Motion Packs.

"Enhanced" ELOR requires a Pro license but these trees can run on a Regular LOR network

As my friend above says, just daisy chain the first one off one of the CTB16's and down the line. If you have a director with multiple networks you could place them on a network of their own.


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