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How to create additional musical sequences? Help.

Rob Bartlett

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I am using LOR version 2.0.16 and only have 32 channels. I am sure there is a way to open a new sequence using the channels and animation that I created with the last song. How do I open a new sequence with a new song but still have the saved channels and animation? People with a lot of channels can't possibly maunally input all that info for each song. If they do, they are my heros. There has got to be an easy way of doing it but I am not intelligent enough to figure it out. :?

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Try exporting and importing your channel configuration:

  • Open a sequence for which you've already set up all the channels and such
  • From the "Edit" menu, select "Export Channel Configuration"
  • Give it some filename to save the configuration to
  • Create a new sequence
  • From the "Edit" menu, select "Import Channel Configuration"
  • Choose the file that you previously saved the configuration to

You have to be careful about importing to a sequence that already has multiple tracks (see the help files for details), but otherwise it should work fine as is.

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