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Lighting Configuration For A Christmas Parade with Box Truck


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Hello, as the title suggests our company is entering our bin truck (looks like a box truck) to our local Santa Clause parade.

It's a night time parade.

I would like to create a lightshow on both sides of the truck. Power is not an issue. You can see attached an image of our truck with a bin on it. The bin is 14ft long by 6ft high.

What lighting setup / package would you recommend I purchase? Obviously ribbon lights and LED strips are my friend.

Curious to get your ideas.


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Last year I helped to decorate a firetruck, but we went low tech and just outlined everything with red, green and blue LED strings.  As it was it was very bright.  I could see going with an AC controller and a director to run the sequence.  We also just used painters tape to attach the lights; not like it was traveling down the interstate or could see the tape behind all that brightness.  Everything held on.

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If it's just an animation sequence, and not overly complex, you can use the Hardware Utility to load a sequence into a controller in standalone mode.  No Director needed.  There is a limit to the number of commands that a controller can hold in a stand alone mode - a few thousand if I recall...


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AND since it is a truck: 12V is natively available (with properly sized wire).

The CMB24 offers up to 8 Channels of dumb RGB (or you can ungroup a single RGB for 3 independent).

The Pixie can't ungroup, but you can run up to 100 (bullets) nodes without Power injecting. Ribbons comes in 16' (5M) strips

And as Jim said, the controller can run standalone for simple shows.  BTW I found a CMB can hold more than a AC and it can slave other controllers (act as a Master), so no need to load the others, so you could have a Right-side and a Left side  (If both have the same ID, they both show the same without need to dup sequence tracks for the second ID)

You have choices 👍

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